Motorcycling was always fascinating me and it was always in my mind. Although it took some time until this phantasy got real. After driving around our house with an old Puch maxi moped I got a motor scooter when I was 15 years old. However after some months something was clear. It needs to be more than this scooter.

When I turned 18 I was happy allover, because I got my driving license as a birthday present. However this only included the license for the car. So I had to make a decision. I can either spend my savings on a Motor Bike license or for a cheap car. The decision was easy, better to have a car and be independent then to have two licenses and no vehicle.

Once I had finished my Education I did my obligatory military service and went abroad to gain some experience. After 1 year in California, 2 months in Switzerland and 1 year in China I returned home in 2010.

I started working at my parent’s hotel. At this time the contact with Motor bikers increased again and I knew sooner or later I need to have my bike.

After working at home for one and a half years my parents and I decided to make a re-launch and find a new positioning for the future. This was the time when I came up whit my dream of motorbiking which I wanted to combine with my work. So we decided to become a motor bike hotel and I made my driving license immediately.

In April 2013 I bought my KTM 640 Duke II and since that time I enjoy every kilometer that I am driving. I think I am the youngest and probably also the unexperienced of the MoHo Hotelies. But I am happy to give Information and tips about my Area which I get to know better with every Kilometer I drive.