MoHo 4 Helmets

The name is the program.img_badge_moho
The Best Europe has to offer for Motorbike Holidays.

The Landscape of the Alps with its beautiful roads seems to be made for motor bikes. The hoteliers of these hotels made a list of Quality Standards with obligatory controls every year. The hotels are as individual as the expectations of their guests.

The 3 categories

  1. Five Helmets
  2. Four Helmets
  3. Three Helmets


are marking the Service standards for motor bikers. All hotels are perfect equipped and they are situated at an ideal point or origin for twisty days.

We are proud to be member of MoHo and our Hotel belongs to the category MoHo 4 Helmets.


“4 Helmets” means:

MoHo Quality, the proof of value for Motorbike holidays. The hotelier is also an enthusiastic motor bike driver and knows the needs of his guests. They offer help and individual guidance for your Bike holiday in the areas, with a lot of extras that you wouldn´t get somewhere else, not even for more money. These extras for bikers distinguish MoHo 4 Helmets and the hotels have to undergo quality controls every year.

These benefits you will find in our motorbike holidays:

Biker’s Point mit Gäste-ABC

  • Maps
  • Motorbike Magazines
  • Information about repair shop, Tire shop, gas station, Events,…

To provide

  • Minimum 10 Tour recommendation with description
  • Road book or map of the area
  • HAD multifunctional sleeve (for a fee) Tour assistance

Tour assistance

  • Tour advisory service
  • Tips for interesting destinations
  • Restaurant tips
  • Information for sights

Program for motorbike free days

  • Sport
  • Culture
  • Events


  • Bike packages
  • Seasonal packages

GPS Tour guidance

  • for download
  • memory card at the hotel

Screw corner

  • with tools
  • on request you get free chain spray and cleaning supplies

Washing area

  • tube
  • sponge
  • cleaning supplies

Parking area

  • garage for motor bikes
  • parking spot for trailers
  • parking spot for cars

Drying foom

  • drying machine for cloths
  • drying machine for shoes

Laundry service

  • Option to wash clothes (for an extra fee)

Luggage storage on multi day tours

  • Locked room


The Hoteliers are Motor bikers and know the needs of their guests.